Redefine Carrier Connectivity

Streamline All Products Into a Single API Orchestration Layer

iLife Technologies Universal API

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The key to increased ROI for Carriers and Wholesale Distributors

iLife powers Carrier-Distributor connectivity through its Universal API, streamlining data exchange, boosting partnership opportunities, and reducing integration complexities.

Benefits for life insurance Carriers

Consolidate multiple insurance product lines across multiple states into a single streamlined, Universal e-App. 

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Enable rapid, vendor-independent changes and configurations, leveraging iLife’s intuitive, drag-and-drop form builder.

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iLife’s cloud-native e-App is easy to implement and maintain, resulting in a substantial reduction in technology ownership costs.

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Benefits for life insurance Wholesale Distributors

Standardize data across all product lines and systems into a centralized feed for real-time business insights.

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Consolidate multiple applications across Carriers, states, and products to increase cross-sell efforts.

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Own your end-to-end user experience to stand out from the competition with a differentiated offering.

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Dramatically reduce your technology expenses

↓ ~50%
Lower total

cost of ownership
Flexible module
< 90
Days speed
to market
No change orders
Lower transaction fees

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