The Only Dedicated CRM for Life Insurance Agents

Your career ambitions aren’t ordinary, so why use a platform that isn’t completely dedicated to your sales success? 

If you’re not utilizing a tool that was uniquely created just for you, your sales results could be affected. 

Client Dashboard

Our dashboard meticulously tracks all aspects of a new lead’s details including who they are, where they are in the policy browsing experience, and exactly what their coverage details are, so that you can answer any of their questions at a moment’s notice. 


View Client’s Application Information

Stay ahead of the sales process at every turn with the ability to view all significant information on your clients’ policies including application details and instructions, all  in one place.

Keep All Your Details About Clients In One Place

Communication Channels
iLife’s CRM for life insurance agents allows conversations through both email and live chat that are always saved.

Comprehensive Analytics
Our CRM meticulously tracks all aspects of a new lead, so you can answer their questions at a moment’s notice.

Centralized Data
All activity that occurs on your iLife website is instantly captured and dropped into your CRM.

Immediate Feedback 
While other CRMs for life insurance agents stand alone as individual systems, ours is directly built into our sales platform for instantaneous response.


"The iLife CRM allows you to help site customers from start to finish.
It takes a huge step forward for the life insurance industry."
Richard E
Life Insurance Agency Owner
iLife CRM for life insurance agents

Be Ahead of the Sales Process at Every Turn with Our CRM For Life Insurance Agents

So, what are you waiting for? Try our platform today for free and see how effortlessly it organizes your data for streamlined success.