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Life Insurance Agent improving their performance with iLife

iLife is the All-in-One Agent Toolkit

Your time is valuable. Simplify your day-to-day work by eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple systems, spreadsheets, and e-Apps.

Without iLife

Working with multiple systems, logins, and files

With iLife

Everything you need
in one central location

Envision a Tool that Helps you Prioritize Selling - Not Busy Work

What do Agents Using iLife Have to Say?

"A huge win for independent insurance agent(s)"
- Kevin J.

"Allowing users to see illustrations on the website and request applications from top carriers makes life as an agent much more efficient."

- Sidney D.

"iLife takes a lot of monotonous tasks out of the process and gives me a clean dashboard of the information I need to sell insurance."

- Kevin J.

"Best product for life insurance agents out there!"

- Paul D.

Can Your CRM Do All of This?

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Make Your Investment Count

By using a single tool instead of many, you can save a considerable sum of money.

Without iLife High Costs
Website Upkeep $$$

Client Management System $$

Communication Tools $$

Social Media Tools $$

Hours Spent without iLife $$$$

With iLife, Everything is in One Place Saving you Time and Money

Touchless CRM

Automate client data organization, including e-health records

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Digitally manage applications, allowing clients to easily provide information

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Quoting Tool

Clients can browse, compare, and purchase policies without agent help

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Marketing Tool

Generate leads via promotional emails, texts, and social media.

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Premade Content

Boost your reputation with a professional no-code insurance website

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Website Builder

Boost your reputation with a professional no-code insurance website

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Life Insurance Agent Increasing Productivity

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