Access Marketing Tools Altogether for Maximum Convenience

iLife’s Marketing Hub interconnects easy-to-use email and SMS messages with our other host of features to create a single seamless experience for agents.

*The Marketing Hub is available for all Pro+ accounts

A Single, Unified Experience

The hub works seamlessly with the rest of iLife’s suite of features to create an incredibly smooth and efficient process.

After agents use iLife’s website builder to create their custom sites, they can upload a list of prospects into the CRM to message them in seconds and begin driving traffic. 

Or, they can purchase leads from the iLife store and contact them as soon as they’re dropped into the platform.

Send Client Messages with Ease

Agents can use both email and sms features to contact new clients and drive them back to their iLife Website to close their business.

When equipped with these tools, agents are not only able to more accurately target potential leads, but more effectively engage with them throughout the sales funnel by remaining in constant communication.

Marketing Tools To Fuel Website Traffic

Segment By Client Status

Within the iLife CRM, agents can view exactly where all of their prospects are in the sales funnel.

This organized list of statuses tells them whether they’ve selected a policy, been approved or declined by a carrier, are under review, etc, which allows agents to filter them depending on their stage and then email or text them.

By always knowing where their clients are in the process, agents can more efficiently lead them to conversion with the marketing hub.

Ready Made Content Templates

iLife’s Content Library is a collection of pre-made marketing content written to improve client communications.

Like the Marketing Hub, this feature will be in the platform so agents can copy marketing content from it and paste it directly into their email or sms messages depending on the sales situation.

This creates a seamless process for agents to save huge amounts of time and effort.

Engage With Confidence Using Email and SMS Marketing Tools

The sales funnel is filled with steps where communication between agents and clients can break down. Don’t take the risk of losing business. Incorporate our Marketing Hub into your company today and see the results yourself.

*The Marketing Hub is available for all Pro+ accounts