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Pricing for Our Verified Lead Subscriptions

Get immediate savings on all of our lead packages with the Pro+ membership!

Get immediate savings on all of our lead packages with the Pro+ membership!

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Driven by the marketplace’s need for the very best life insurance leads, iLife decided to create a new lead generation process that focuses on matching the optimal lead to each specific life insurance agent.

Why Our Leads are Valuable

Quality – All leads are real humans that have demonstrated, through multiple steps, high intent to buy life insurance.

Exclusivity – We promise to never recycle leads so that if one is assigned to you, it will never have been contacted by another agent.

Matching – iLife strives to align every lead purchased as closely as possible to an agent’s unique circumstances (location, carrier, etc), ensuring they have the best chance to secure the sale.

Integration – Once a lead has been bought, it will automatically appear in the iLife platform’s CRM for maximum convenience.

Freshness – All leads generated by iLife have recently signaled their desire to purchase life insurance.

Comprehensiveness – All leads have gone through a verification process which includes clients submitting personal information, stating they wish to connect with an agent, and being contacted by our internal team to confirm their intent.

Frequently Asked Questions

These web leads have gone through the iLife browsing journey and input answers to all questions. They’ve selected products of interest and then requested to be put in contact with a licensed agent.

First, sign up for a free iLife account here. In your settings, select all of the states you are licensed in and all of the carriers you are appointed with. Then, click on the iLife Store tab to purchase lead packages.

All leads have selected one or more life insurance policies and requested to speak to an agent. Our internal team then contacts them to verify their level of intent.

These leads are neither guaranteed to give you a sale nor necessarily even to respond. That being said, every lead we offer has undergone rigorous verification to ensure you have the strongest chance to convert them to a sale.