An Interactive Browsing Experience

More Than a Quoting Tool For Life Insurance Agents

Stop accepting just a snap-shot, accept the full picture. iLife will give you the clarity you’ve been seeking, all in one place.

The Browsable Experience 

Without any assistance from agents, clients can input their information into our tool, browse a complete portfolio of policies (term, permanent, universal life, final expense, etc) with clear illustrations, and then compare and contrast them just as if they were shopping in a digital store.

Advanced Analytics 

Clients can use this feature to produce illustrations in real-time for any policy, which includes the risk-adjusted return, risk & volatility history, and term vs. perm comparison.

Compare Plans & View a Table Summary

Comparing Plans

When browsing through our quoting tool for life insurance agents, clients have the ability to pick two policies to analyze side by side. This summary shows the most important details of both policies, giving the client insight into which is more suited to them.

Table Summary

Life insurance policies are known to be exceptionally complex with most averaging dozens of pages of confusing jargon, but this feature allows clients to view any permanent policy’s most significant points in a brief table without ever needing an agent to translate it for them.

"I love the fact that prospects can go to your link and get a quote right there and then, without me having to twist an arm to obtain the necessary information. It’s so easy! All I have to do is share my link."
Dennisse C
Life Insurance Agent, G2

Empower Your Clients to Find the Perfect Policy

The future is officially here. Our quoting tool for life insurance agents facilitates the entire policy searching experience for you, saving time and increasing your bottom line.

iLife Quoting Tool For Life Insurance Agents