32 Email Marketing Topics for Life Insurance Agents

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Creating an email marketing content strategy helps you connect with prospects at exactly the right time in the sales or renewal process, ensuring new and existing clients receive relevant emails at each point in the sales process. This is especially true when you begin email automation, a hands-off way to save countless hours, which you can use to find more life insurance prospects! With some finesse, your email automation system can become your most reliable, least expensive salesperson.

But you don’t have to wait until you can invest in an email marketing service, you can begin today with what you have! Discover how you can begin email marketing today with these 32 life insurance email topics.

Start with your list

As a life insurance agent, you likely have a list of current and potential customers and with your iLife website, or existing website, you’ll be able to grow that list. As you begin your email marketing strategy, you’ll want to start putting your list into groups. Thinking about your different groups, and your business goals for each, will help you build reusable email templates. An easy way to segment your list is by where they are in the sales process, by demographic, or by life insurance needs.

Example life insurance email lists

Sales process:

  • Cold prospects (no contact)
  • Warm prospects (some contact but still on the fence)
  • Hot prospect (ready to buy but still have questions)
  • Current clients (have already purchased a policy


  • Young families
  • Seniors
  • New parents

Life insurance needs:

  • Term
  • Whole life
  • Cash value
  • Final expense

Consider your subject line

It’s very important to consider your subject line. Think about it, if you see a generic or boring headline (especially from a business) are you more likely to open it with glee or send it straight to the trash? It helps to create a subject line that is personal or that spurs curiosity. We’ve all succumbed to “clickbait” such as “Get six-pack abs (without crunches!)” and “You won’t believe this dog’s dance moves…”

One great way to engage your current list of clients and prospects is to make an announcement. For example, if you’ve just created an iLife website, updated your own website, or made any updates to your business, let your current email list know!

Life insurance emails to engage prospects:

  • “It’s big! Our best life insurance offering yet”
  • “You’ve made a great decision, here’s how we can help”
  • “Announcement! Now you can browse life insurance quotes online” 
  • “Open this email to get unbelievable life insurance quotes online”
  • “We’ve upgraded! Browse our best life insurance quotes”
  • “Life insurance isn’t fun. That’s why we do the work for you.”
  • “Tired of getting “sold” life insurance? You’ll love this.”
  • “Tired of traditional life insurance sales? You’ll love our new platform.”

There are times when it makes sense to send out emails without asking clients or prospects to take any action. This helps them feel like a  you’re a trusted partner, rather than just a life insurance agent. It may be counter-intuitive, but providing emails with free knowledge, information and tools helps your customers build trust in you. They may not buy from you right away, but they’ll start to believe that you’re an expert and you really care about them. This will set you apart from other life insurance agents.

Life insurance emails with great content:

  • “Your employee life insurance isn’t cutting it. Here’s why…”
  • “Did you know a life insurance policy could make you money?”
  • “Life insurance 101: here’s what you need to know.”
  • “Life insurance is complicated. Here’s some easy tips.”
  • “What life events impact your insurance premium?”
  • “What to consider when you renew your life insurance policy”
  • “Term or whole life insurance? Here’s what’s best for you”
  • “Life insurance mistakes to avoid.”

It also helps to send out emails for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to let your clients know you “get” them. Receiving a thoughtful card or message from a business can positively affect how you feel about that business. And that’s what great customer service is all about: letting customers know you care.

Life insurance emails for special occasions:

  • “Wishing you happiness and health on your birthday!”
  • “It’s baseball season! Hope [child’s name] knocks it out of the park!”
  • “Mazel tov on [child’s name] bat mitzvah!”
  • “Happy anniversary, enjoy your special day!”

Another great way to engage your prospects and clients is to create an offering that’s time sensitive. What can you give new or existing customers? A commission on referrals? First three months of life insurance free? A free hour consultation? Think about what would add value to your customers, and what makes sense for your business returns.

Life insurance emails that call for immediate action:

  • “For today only: one hour free personal consultation!”
  • “Last day to get a referral reward!”
  • “Your renewal discount expires in three days!”
  • “Don’t let this opportunity slip away!” 
  • “You won’t want to miss this opportunity!”
  • “Take advantage of insurance deals that end this month”

Of course, except for the exceptions mentioned above, you don’t just want your email to get opened, you want your prospects and customers to take action. First, consider the action you want them to take. What’s your business goal with this email? Let’s say you just launched your new website that includes an online quote engine. Let your audience know about it! Make sure you’re not announcing something that’s only important to your business (but not your clients). Give your customers something they want or need while drawing them to your new website.

Make sure to include a link to your website in the email.

  • “Browse life insurance quotes with our new quoting engine!”
  • “Find the best life insurance quote with our new website!”
  • “Things are about to change…”
  • “Get a customized life insurance quote today”
  • “Want more options? We’ve got you covered!”
  • “You asked, we delivered!”
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Now that you have some good ideas, let’s put it together! Remember to keep in mind your business goal and your segment. Use language that makes sense to that segment and create an email that is applicable to that audience.

  1. Goal: have my prospects visit my new website and complete an application
  2. Target segment: warm prospects, seniors, whole life

Subject line: “Life insurance is a big decision. How can I help?”

Dear Prospect,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. I know shopping for insurance can be challenging, and there’s a lot of information to process. Each person’s needs are unique, and I hope I was able to answer all of your questions. If you have more questions, please call or text anytime. I’m here to help you find the best policy and price for you and your family.

To support you in making this decision, I’ve attached a list of things to consider when buying life insurance and choosing an agent. Your life insurance agent will play an important part of your life, so it’s worth taking the time to find a person you trust and has your best interests at heart.

Please visit my website to browse and compare customized policies. Please reach out via chat, phone, or text if you have any questions about the policies or life insurance in general.


My personal cell phone: (898) 764-7644

As we discussed I will call you on Wednesday, July 13 at 1pm to answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely, Jane Adler

Why this email works

  • The subject line is engaging and welcoming; it asks a question rather than pushing a product
  • The content is supportive, rather than pushy. She is inviting her prospect to trust her, rather than convincing them.
  • “Jane” offers extra support through her list of ‘things to consider,’ showing that she is going out of her way to support this prospect.
  • She has a specific call to action (visit my website to browse quotes, i.e. fill out an application)
  • She includes a specific follow up time, giving the prospect space but letting them know she’ll be there to support them at that time

And remember, once you’ve created your email list segments you can make a template like this to save you time and effort. When you are ready to begin email automation, life insurance emails like these can be sent and scheduled in bulk without you lifting a finger!

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