Email Marketing Tips for Life Insurance Businesses

life insurance email marketing

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email as a way to share details about your business with your target audience. Promoting the brand’s products and services, incentivizing customer loyalty, and sending business updates are the main goals of insurance email marketing campaigns. Email marketing also offers flexibility as it can be in the form of digital marketing or direct marketing

This form of communication is a powerful marketing channel that helps make your customers aware of the latest discounts, sales, new arrivals, and anything in between. In addition to sharing promotions and updates, automated emails can help you build an effective marketing strategy that establishes relationships while keeping customers engaged between purchases. 

Plus, it helps you build trust, promote brand awareness, and generate leads by personalizing your email strategy as per your customer’s needs and buying history. 

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of email marketing and the best tips for an effective campaign. 

The Benefits of an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Emails play a pivotal role for businesses as they are designed to encourage customers to take some kind of action. The open rate of email marketing varies between 15% and 30% across industries, making it one of the top marketing strategies. 

Your email marketing open rate is influenced by several factors, including how powerful your subject line is and how healthy your subscriber list is. Emails are one of the most cost-effective and accessible marketing tools as they stay in the inbox until the recipient reads, deletes, or archives the message. 

When it comes to the multiple marketing channel options, insurance businesses should definitely opt for email marketing due to its higher outreach potential and easy communication with prospects. It helps businesses build brand awareness and maintain trust. And above all, email marketing is a significant tool for lead generation. 

The benefits of email marketing are numerous, especially when paired with other marketing methods such as referrals or social media campaigns. A well-designed email marketing strategy can improve your click-through rate, boost your website traffic, facilitate customer retention, and increase your return on investment greatly. 

Best Tips for Life Insurance Email Marketing 

Whether your insurance agency is looking to inform customers about a new product launch or share details about a change in policy, email marketing is the way to go. Emails are a formal, cost-effective way of reaching potential customers, regardless of geographical boundaries. 

Here are some useful tips that insurance agents must keep in mind while developing an email campaign. 

Learn Your Audience

Identifying your target market is essential for understanding their needs and tailoring your emails to fit each segmentation. It helps you send target emails and resonate with the demands of different policyholders. To know what to include in your emails, you need to know your audience’s demographics, such as age, gender, lifestyle, homeownership, and more. This will inform how you approach each email campaign.  

Allow Opt-Ins 

Be flexible while developing your email marketing strategy. Allow potential clients to opt in (and out) of emails. Not only will this enable your new customers to unsubscribe from your email list smoothly in case they do not wish to receive marketing emails further, but it will also boost their trust in your services. Simplify the opt-in process to allow returning customers to come back easily. 

Consistency is Key

Send emails consistently to stay in potential clients’ minds as well as their inboxes. No matter what email approach you follow, be regular in your marketing effort. Make sure you stick to a strict email schedule and resist the urge to skip emails frequently. Eventually, your new clients will become used to your emailing schedule, and they might look forward to your next email newsletter. 

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Maintain Your List

Building an email list is an ongoing task as you keep on adding and removing contacts. Keeping your email list up-to-date is as important as building a large one. If you notice high email unopen rates, clear out the email addresses that regularly ignore your outreach. Run frequent subscription programs to attract more insurance leads. 

Try Different Formats

Don’t forget to send a welcome email as soon as the customer subscribes to your email. Share informative and educational content using interactive email templates to engage your customers. Send follow-up emails to share tips on what to do next. You can also send cold emails, feedback emails, newsletters, and renewal reminders to keep your audience informed.  

Personalize Every Email

People like personalization, so design the subject line and email copy with the specific insurance needs of your customers in mind. It takes time to personalize each message, but the results are well worth the effort. In addition to personalizing each marketing message, time your emails to catch your customers’ attention once they log into their email accounts.

Regularly Review Key Metrics

Monitor your open rates, click rates, spam, and more to improve your strategy. Keep in mind that achieving your campaign goals takes time. Insurance agents can use effective email marketing software such as Mailchimp to measure, optimize, and track success metrics. Additionally, your insurance company can integrate email tracking tools into their existing CRM or LinkedIn page to track email success.  

Revolutionize Your Email Outreach with iLife

When it comes to marketing tactics, email marketing is a worthwhile and simple way to stay in your potential clients’ minds. 

Want to reach your customers more effectively while optimizing your marketing costs? Learn to create an effective email marketing strategy and reach new clients and existing customers right where they are. 

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