How to Find Clients for Life Insurance

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Often, the most challenging part of an agent’s job is figuring out how to get life insurance clients. Even the most knowledgeable agents cannot operate a successful business without quality leads. So just how do insurance agents get clients?

Whether you’re a new insurance agent or an experienced professional, employing a range of strategies is the key to success. Many agents find traditional approaches like cold-calling to be time-consuming and inefficient. Knowing how to approach a customer for life insurance will give your business a competitive edge. But with the insurance industry moving increasingly online, it’s easy for agents to get confused choosing between the many different methods of marketing.

In this article, we’ll consider the most effective methods for how to find clients for life insurance and provide some top tips for newer agents who are just getting started. 

How to Find Life Insurance Clients: 6 Proven Strategies

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the different methods you can use to find new life insurance customers. You don’t need to use them all, but it’s a good idea to utilize a few to ensure you’re reaching as many potential clients as possible.    

How to Find Life Insurance Clients Online

If you ask any agent how to get clients for insurance, their first suggestion will likely involve the internet. Having a website is a no-brainer, but building a business profile on Google is essential too. 


In today’s digital age, an effective website is the obvious solution for how to find clients for life insurance, as around 69% of insurance consumers begin by searching online. Creating an interactive customer-facing platform that acts as a digital storefront and integrates Live Chat functionality is an essential part of attracting customers. But insurance agents are not web designers or coders, so building a welcoming and well-optimized website can be a daunting prospect. Aligning with an all-in-one platform that incorporates the ability to quickly and easily build a branded website without any coding is an excellent option to provide you with a competitive edge in the market.

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Google My Business

In 2021, Google handled over 90% of search engine inquiries worldwide. So another essential task is ensuring your Google My Business profile is up to date. Filling out your profile is not only easy, it’s completely free. So this is something well worth spending a few hours on. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Claim and verify your business. This allows you to effectively manage your listing and view information on its performance.
  2. Fill out your listing as completely as possible. Be sure to include your contact details, website, opening hours, and logo.
  3. Provide detailed information on your practice. Tell your potential clients what services you offer and make yourself stand out.
  4. Update and engage. Keep your profile relevant and add regular photos and posts.
  5. Set up the messaging function.
  6. Respond to every review, regardless of the rating.

How to Find Life Insurance Clients on Social Media

From an agent’s perspective, the younger the life insurance client, the longer their relationship, and the better it is for business. But this is one of the toughest issues an agent faces: how to find prospects for life insurance among young people who are not yet considering a policy.

Adults under 30 spend more time on social media than any other group, averaging 3 hours per day. So it’s a good idea to be active online. Otherwise, you’re handing over the opportunity for competitors to engage with potential clients first. The two most popular sites for attracting younger clients are LinkedIn and Facebook. 


Joining the internet’s largest professional network allows you to connect with other business professionals and work together. It’s worth spending some time to create a professional profile, and if you have the budget to upgrade to Premium, you’ll have access to helpful additional features. Learning how to find clients for life insurance on LinkedIn is not a passive exercise and will take some patience and practice. It’s important to be active regularly, offer your knowledge freely, maintain relationships with your contacts, and engage with the groups you have joined.


Facebook was the most popular social media platform in 2021. Maintaining an active profile is a great way to connect with people and keep up with life-changing events within your network. When someone posts a picture of an engagement ring, a new house, or a sonogram, it’s the perfect time to reach out, offer congratulations, and remind them that you’re here for anything they need.

How to Find Life Insurance Clients Using Content Marketing

Considering how to get clients for an insurance business is only worthwhile if you can foster a high level of trust in potential prospects. Understanding complex policies can be intimidating, so demonstrating your knowledge is an excellent way to build client confidence, especially if you are a relatively new insurance agent. Remember that investing in a one-stop life insurance platform with integrated CRM provides a high level of functionality and detailed analytics to assist you with:

  • Publishing and promoting your content 
  • Creating email marketing lists
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns


Blog content can solve the problem of how to get insurance clients by allowing you to showcase your expertise. By focusing on common questions and pain points, you can share helpful information and weave in plenty of relevant keywords, so your SEO score and Google ranking improve simultaneously. This will further increase your online visibility to prospects interested in your products and services. 

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One of the most important attributes clients look for in an insurance agent is good people skills. Traditional content marketing may not allow your prospects to get to know you personally. So what better way to demonstrate your personality and sign on new clients than inviting them to join a webinar? 

Email Marketing

By utilizing effective CRM, you will have more time to work on the other elements of building a presence for yourself as a friendly, well-known, and trustworthy professional in your field. Create an email marketing list and send mailers with special offers and links to your social media accounts, blog articles, and website pages. You can also send links to upcoming events or webinars and generate interest by asking people to send questions in advance. 

How to Find Life Insurance Clients by Networking

Most people are comfortable with internet and email contact these days, but no amount of technology can replace a face-to-face relationship. So how do insurance agents get clients in other ways? The scope of insurance agent marketing ideas is now so expansive that old-school traditional networking methods are often forgotten.

Professional Partnerships

Professional connections are an excellent source of prospects. Creating mutual lead-sharing relationships with other professionals who have a similar client base but are not in direct competition can be advantageous. Examples include:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Financial planners
  • Accountants
  • Real estate agents

It’s a classic ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ relationship. If you have a client who needs a good accountant, you recommend their services. When they have a client who needs a life insurance policy, they return the favor.

Community Networking

Networking in your local community can help make your business the go-to option by increasing your visibility and strengthening your reputation. It’s also a great way to meet potential new employees when you’re ready to scale your business. You can build your community connections by volunteering at:

  • Nonprofits and charities
  • Local fundraising events
  • Churches and community groups
  • School board meetings and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA)
  • Local sports clubs

Always have business cards with you and be ready to hand them out at appropriate times. This may not lead to immediate sales. However, if you offer friendly and helpful information, people will likely remember you when they need help further down the line.

How to Find Life Insurance Clients Through Referrals

As a team that prides itself on our excellent word-of-mouth reputation, we’re often asked how to find clients for life insurance via referral. This is one of the most powerful yet most overlooked avenues for building your customer base. People are four times more likely to make a purchase when they are referred by a friend, so this is an invaluable strategy.

If you provide exceptional customer service and satisfaction as standard, you will likely get a few client referrals. But you’ll likely get a lot more if you ask! When a client thanks you for something you’ve done, politely mention that if they know anyone who needs help, they can send them your way. This exchange can happen at any stage in the process, not just after you’ve closed the sale. 

Here are some other ideas on how to get life insurance clients by leveraging your existing client base:

  • Add a share button to your blogs, newsletters, and web pages 
  • Add a signup link to a referral page where you can collect prospect information
  • Incorporate referral requests into your regular email marketing campaigns
  • Consider a referral incentive scheme 

Paid Methods for Finding Life Insurance Clients

So far, the strategies we’ve discussed for how to get clients for insurance businesses have involved minimal direct expenditure, relying instead on your time and creativity. However, there are some paid options to consider if you have a budget that allows it.  

Google Ads

When a prospect searches for a life insurance provider, they will see many options listed on the search engine results pages (SERPs). So how do insurance agents get clients to click on their website rather than a competitor’s? They use Google Ads. Paid adverts are particularly beneficial for insurance business startups that don’t yet have meaningful domain authority. Some careful research is required to capitalize on the right keywords to get the best quality score, but websites that pay for ads usually appear at the top of page #1 search results, making conversions more likely. 

Paid Leads

Both seasoned veterans and new insurance agents can benefit from using paid leads. Newer agents get excellent value from subscribing to a full-service life insurance platform like iLife. The qualified lead packages on our service options save them time and effort so they can focus on what matters most – driving their business forward. Meanwhile, experienced agents with high closing rates and a proven history of success love the high-quality CRM analytics integrated into iLife’s insurance hub, allowing them to specify parameters based on their personal closing history.

Tips for New Insurance Agents

Now that we have considered how to find clients for life insurance, let’s summarize with some tips to help newer insurance agents to get their careers started in the best possible way. 

  • Establish your market. It’s better to be specific than cast your net as wide as possible and hope for the best.
  • Create a solid marketing plan, including content creation, email marketing campaigns, and educational events.
  • Fine-tune your online presence to ensure a client-friendly experience. Let people know who you are and why they should trust you based on your expertise. 
  • Utilize a digital life insurance hub to streamline your operations so you can focus on income generation.
  • Leverage your network of friends and family to share specific details about what sets you and your business apart.
  • Seek exposure by getting involved with your local community.
  • Ask for help from those around you in the established business community. Start building fruitful future relationships from the get-go. 

Build Your Base with iLife

There is no right or wrong approach on how to get clients. For insurance businesses, the key to success lies in finding the right combination of marketing tactics for their firm. No matter your business’s size, structure, or brand persona, taking advantage of the latest available technology from iLife will help you attract, convert, and manage the right prospects.

Regardless of where you are now or where you want to take your business in the future, utilizing technology is an essential component in the modern-day life insurance industry. Partnering with iLife gives you access to our insurance hub platform, comprising advanced tools like CRM functionality and automated underwriting that will keep you moving forward and help you gain a competitive edge. 

Additionally, iLife sells hi-quality, verified leads (available for purchase in the iLife Store) that are guaranteed to have never been shared with any other agent. In fact, the leads you purchase from the iLife Store are dropped directly into the platform’s CRM, meaning no imports/exports are required. 

Contact us today or sign up for your free account to learn more about how we can help you launch or scale your insurance business and get your life insurance agent crm.

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