How to Choose the Right Life ​​Insurance Agents’ Website Developer

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Life insurance is going online, with more Americans than ever comparing and purchasing their policies online. Today, 28% of millennials and 29% of baby boomers say they are happy to research and buy their policies from home.

As an agent, this should tell you one thing: the potential for growth in the online insurance sector. Developing a website to sell your brand and increase your credibility is one of the best ways to boost your business.

With iLife’s digital platform, you can generate leads with iLife’s quoting tool, make sales, and analyze your metrics in seconds. So, what do you need to know about web design for insurance agents?

Reasons a Life Insurance Agent Needs a Website 

Make It Easy for Potential Clients to Do Research

Choosing a life insurance policy is a difficult task for many. As a result, people start their own research online before deciding to act. Generally, life insurance costs are a key consideration, but it’s important to highlight what those costs cover. This is where life insurance agents can be of help. They can navigate the policy process, calculating the life insurance amount that will best cover expenses for a family if the worst were to happen. 

This can be tough to answer as an agent due to all sorts of variables that change over time for the client’s circumstances. Not to mention, it can be a very time-consuming process. It is easier to have a website that provides policy quotes for customers based on their specific needs. Agents will realize that using the iLife Life Insurance Quote engine on their website can save a lot of time for each quote request.

Market Your Policy Offerings 

The second reason to have a website is to provide content for potential clients. A site can allow insurance agents to display their life insurance offerings in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way. Policy offerings can also be explained in more detail on a website, allowing people to feel more comfortable with you as an agent due to the expertise showcased regarding life insurance. 

For example, a life insurance quote would usually contain data about how much an agent believes is needed for basic expenses over a person’s lifetime. These numbers can be provided as facts that are unbiased and would not be sold. The consumer could then decide whether or not to look any further into buying life insurance.

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Why Does a Compelling Website Matter for Life Insurance Agents?

An insurance agents’ website developer may seem like a considerable investment, but it’s a necessary one. In the digital era, life insurance agents need a website. This is your storefront, and millions of Americans will use your site to understand which policies you sell and whether they are getting a great deal.

Here are some reasons why websites for insurance agents are absolutely crucial.

Acquire Referrals

Referrals are a massive part of the insurance business. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most potent ways to drum up new business.

It is much easier to get an existing client to refer someone else to you if you already have a website. Viewing your online profile, policy options, and reviews can happen in seconds when you have a website.

Create More Business

Your website is your primary lead generation and conversion machine. While some people still like to speak to you via live chat or over the phone, first contact usually happens after someone has browsed your website and decided your services match their needs best.

There are lots of ways to get your brand in front of more people using your website. Optimizing your website for search engines gives you access to a broader audience. Online quote tools enable you to provide personalized estimations in seconds. Simple contact forms and chatbots allow you to start and maintain new relationships immediately.

Build Credibility

Credibility is not just about looking great. It is about generating trust and showing potential clients that they can trust you.

With the life insurance industry being such a cut-throat business, credibility separates you from everyone else. The best insurance agency websites tell a brand story, demonstrate expertise, and build authority within the industry. 

Additional Promotional Options

As an agent, you will need to utilize more than one marketing channel to reach your audience. Your website is the platform where you can exploit various advertising services, including Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

Online advertising enables you to use precision targeting to hit the people who are most likely to show interest in your services.

In-Depth Metrics

Successful life insurance brands have a picture of their ideal customer. They know everything from where they live to how much they make. Building an image of your perfect customer helps you refine your marketing strategy.

Your website allows you to access metrics on people who are visiting. Gain insights like:

  • How long do people spend on your site
  • Which pages do they visit
  • The number of conversions

iLife’s dedicated life insurance agent platform can help you to drill down into the numbers to gain insights on your market, plus reveal the effectiveness of your marketing, website, and sales funnel.

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Website Developers for Insurance Agents: What to Look For

Any insurance agents’ website developer needs to get acquainted with your industry to build the best insurance agency websites for you.

Hiring any old web developer is not going to cut it. With website design for insurance agents changing all the time, you need someone plugged into what’s working now, not what was working five years ago.

After all, there are dozens of website development companies to choose from. When you are searching for one that suits your needs, you need to consider a solution that focuses on your specific business. With iLife, agents can transform the way they operate and market to people on a national scale. 

Streamlined Design

What does it mean to have a streamlined design? A website must have a clear direction from landing on a page to making a purchase within any industry. All modern designs must focus on the user experience. Building a website is not an opportunity to show off your design skills.

Opt for a simplified design aimed at the lowest common denominator. When someone lands on your website, it should be obvious where all the necessary information about your policies, how to contact you, and how to make a purchase.

Search for a web developer that concentrates on creating a streamlined user experience above all else.

Ease of Creation/Maintenance

Think not just about the cost of creation but the cost of maintenance. If something breaks on your website, do you need to go back and forth with your developer to fix everything?

Fixes should be simple and rare, and they should not require an expensive ongoing contract. A free website developer for insurance agents may not be available outside of platforms like WordPress and Wix, but managing and changing your website should be simple. Web development shouldn’t require you to get in touch with a developer to change something simple.

Prioritize the Mobile Experience

The world is mobile and has been for some years. In the final quarter of 2021, 54% of global web traffic came from mobile devices (excluding tablets). It represents the first time mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic. The clear trend toward mobile means your web experience must be optimized for smartphones and tablets.

If your insurance website developer email login isn’t optimized, how will you run your business remotely? If the fields on your contact form are non-functional on mobile, how will people contact you?

Ask your developer specifically about how they optimize their clients’ websites for mobile.

Check for Insurance Agent Website Samples

Any old developer is unsuitable for a life insurance agency. Developers need to understand the target audience as much as you.

Every developer will have an online portfolio. Get in touch and ask how many life insurance agencies they’ve worked for and check out their clients. Use their websites and note how they function.

Think about their previous work with the mindset of, “Would I buy life insurance from this website if I were a client?”

If not, you know you need to look elsewhere.

Read Up on Insurance Website Developer Reviews

One thing you cannot get from talking to a web developer or researching their portfolios is what it’s like to work with them. Even the most talented developer can be a poor fit if they lack collaborative skills.

If something goes wrong with your insurance website developer webmail, do they address the problem or make you wait?

Search for insurance website developer reviews to find out what other people are saying about working for them. You want friendliness, professionalism, and diligence.

The Best Website Developers for Insurance Agents

An insurance agents’ website developer can be challenging to choose. Every life insurance business has different needs.

It’s wise to review a few options before committing to a single one. Here is a quick look at why iLife is one of the best insurance agency website design options.


As a life insurance agent, the last thing you want is to become acquainted with a new platform and spend hours tweaking your website.

Sign up with iLife, and you can build your branded website right out of the box. It connects directly to the revolutionary life insurance agent CRM platform, creating a unified approach across your business, with your website as the hub.

Login to your centralized dashboard and get all the insights you need from your customers. Make changes to your brand’s shopfront at the click of a button and spend less time designing and more time selling.

iLife is the platform that prioritizes passive lead generation and working remotely. For the hands-off life insurance agency option, you cannot go wrong with iLife.

Streamline Life Insurance with iLife

A website is a non-negotiable part of selling life insurance and promoting your brand. Without it, you are leaving money (and customers) on the table.

If the idea of fiddling with code or getting to grips with a new platform is not in your business plan, choose iLife. Get your branded life insurance website up and running in minutes, with all the features you need. Together with one of the world’s most advanced life insurance CRM dashboards and easy-to-use life insurance quote engine, you have everything you need to generate leads and transform your company. To launch your life insurance business, sign up with iLife for free now.

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