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How to Transform Your Business with Life Insurance Web Design

Modern insurance brands increasingly rely on eCommerce to drive business. Other than the older generations, every other demographic has shown a willingness and a preference to buy their life insurance online.

It makes having an online presence essential. Your website is your shopfront. It’s your platform for selling the life insurance policies your target market wants. With 1.58 billion active websites, you’ve got some stiff competition.

Your life insurance web design needs to communicate your brand’s values while being informative, entertaining, and engaging.

Life Insurance Web Design: Why Is It Important?

Today, approximately 54% of Americans held an active life insurance policy. It goes to show that you’re not just dealing with people who prefer to do business with an insurance broker over the phone. You need to appeal to the younger generations who are acting responsibly and contemplating their futures.

Thinking about insurance designs is important because:

  • First Impressions – You’ve got seven seconds or less to make a good first impression through your website. Having a well-designed website can have a huge influence on whether or not someone decides to purchase life insurance. For website designers, this means capturing a person’s attention as soon as they click on your site. 
  •  Sell More – It goes without saying a great website designer for insurance companies can empower you to sell more. Great insurance website design increases your chances of convincing visitors to choose you as their first choice.
  • Improve Exposure – An insurance company website designer can help you climb the SEO rankings. Make it to number one, and you’ll enjoy a massive spike in traffic numbers.
  • Keep Up with the Competition – Your website has to beat out the competition while also making it simple to add future website functionality. Be mindful of what your competitors are doing so you’re always a step ahead. 
  • Craft Your Brand Identity – A consistent brand identity leads to a memorable customer experience. Your design should be consistent to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation.

Ultimately, insurance agency website design is there to help you sell more. Look up some insurance website design inspiration to figure out where your existing platform is coming up short.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Business with Life Insurance Website Design

The best insurance agency website designers can do incredible things. Unfortunately, working with an insurance website designer is time-consuming and expensive.

You need a way to streamline the process so you can get your business online and begin drawing in customers. Here are some of the ways you can enhance your business with insurance web design.

1. Use a Professional Pre-Made Template

Building a website is not just about getting off the ground as quickly as possible. You need a template that can stand the test of time. New features should be simple to integrate into whatever template you choose.

Professional pre-made templates from the iLife Web Builder are the simplest way of getting a template designed for success within the life insurance industry.

Learn more about iLife Website Builder Learn more about mobile iLife Website Builder

2. Focus on Your Loading Speeds

Desktop and mobile loading speeds remain a critical aspect of any great design today. If your website takes more than a couple of seconds to load, you are already losing customers.

Modern life insurance customers won’t wait to find out what you have to offer. Your website should be lightning quick.

To improve your site’s loading speeds, especially on older devices, try to avoid heavy graphics and videos.

3. Add Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons

It may seem like a relatively simple aspect of web design, but the impact of a CTA button is immeasurable.

Understand that products rarely sell based on their merits alone. Content marketing is what sells a product by educating the prospective customer on why a certain product is right for them.

Unfortunately, great content is irrelevant if a buyer has no idea what to do afterward. Unobtrusive CTA buttons on every page guide the customer throughout each step of their journey.

4. Embrace the Power of the Landing Page

If your life insurance is serious about achieving supercharged growth, you need to make the landing page a key design aspect. Landing pages are different from your standard web pages because they are dedicated to a single life insurance product.

Every element on that page is laser-focused on selling that product. Regardless of the tone you take or the features you highlight, there is no way forward on that landing page other than buying or clicking away.

Your standard website is there to market your business as a whole. Your landing page is there to achieve a single function.

Great landing page design for the insurance business should maintain your brand’s essential facets, such as colors, logos, and tone, but also eliminate distractions. Customers should find it easy to purchase an insurance product from your landing page.

5. Incorporate a Chatbot on Your Website

If you want to build a truly passive business, you need to make sure you’re selling in your sleep.

Modern consumers expect instant attention. Only the largest businesses can afford a customer service team that never sleeps. As a small life insurance business, the answer is the chatbot.

Chatbots have been part of insurance designs for years, but today they are more adept at answering user queries than ever before.

Some of the functions this design feature can perform include:

  • Provide basic customer information
  • Update customer details
  • Get real-time life insurance quotes
  • Answer product-specific questions

The advantage of including chatbots as part of your insurance web design isn’t simply to provide ongoing support whatever the hour. It also saves you considerable time and effort in answering basic queries.

Grow Your Business with iLife

Getting the design of your website right can make or break your business. Begin by examining the leading competitors in your area and analyze what they are doing right and where improvements can be made.

Use the competition as inspiration to construct your online life insurance platform. With the iLife Web Builder, you can avoid the hassle and expense of connecting with a third-party designer.

Featuring powerful CRM integrations and the simplicity of a ready-made template, you can start selling life insurance in hours. To learn more about iLife and why this is the leading life insurance website builder, click to get started now.

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