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Any life insurance agent knows how important building lasting relationships with customers can be. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays a pivotal role in the way modern insurance brokers operate.

Stop wasting time on menial tasks and more time on making money with iLife’s one-of-a-kind life insurance agent CRM solution.

CRM in life insurance is a game-changer. Build relationships, elevate your brand, and grow your revenue by automating everything from lead capturing to workflow management.

Our user-friendly platform enables you to manage everything from a centralized digital dashboard.

Unlike other life insurance CRM software, iLife’s CRM solution slashes the average time to close without compromising on the value of the customer experience. By overcoming the most common problems facing life insurance brokers, you gain a strategic edge over your competition.

Here is what you need to know about life insurance CRM and how it could change your business.

The Benefits of iLife CRM for Life Insurance Agents

How can the best CRM for life insurance agents change your business?

iLife’s innovative approach to life insurance agent CRM software has generated millions in seed funding because it goes further than current solutions. It targets most of the pain points faced by both customers and brokers.

For just a small monthly licensing fee, you can change the face of your agency.

Improve ROI

iLife’s priority is to make you money. That is why our life insurance sales systems accomplish more than to simply automate and streamline your workflow.

Increase your ROI by enhancing the customer experience. Customers answer some simple onboarding questions and can easily compare more than 170,000 policy options nationwide.

All this happens on the same platform, and customers can get answers in a matter of minutes.

Plus, iLife cuts down on your expenditures to further boost your ROI. This entirely paperless platform will slash your back-office expenses.

Build Your Brand

We believe our life insurance agent CRM offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience from an industry often accused of being stuffy and behind the times. A broker operating with iLife life insurance CRM software can build their brand on making life insurance easy.

Additionally, we empower you to succeed by supplying you with a digital storefront you can be proud of as agents can create a custom branded site complete with their logo, personal information, and more. In addition, agents receive a personalized link that can be embedded directly into a website. By using this link, iLife can track a user’s entire user experience. As a result, iLife can report on every step of the customer journey. It also tracks:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Prospects
  • Users

The best thing is, all of this information is tracked without the need for manual entry from an agent. 

You may not be a web expert, and you may not have the budget to employ one. With iLife, any broker can set up their brand’s storefront and begin selling life insurance policies immediately.

So, in short, how can iLife help you build your brand?

  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • Meet customer needs fast.
  • Create a professional, user-friendly digital storefront.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. We take the hassle out of building your brand. 

Learn more about iLife pricing Learn more about mobile iLife pricing

Maximize Productivity

Ready to digitally transform your life insurance brokerage?

Our contact management software for life insurance agents eliminates needless tasks and automates the rest of them. Give customers what they want faster and give yourself more time to work on the tasks that really matter.

For brokers who want to supercharge their life insurance agencies, there is no better alternative to iLife.

Easy to Use

Other solutions for CRM for life insurance brokers are typically filled with unnecessarily complex features both the customer and the agent must negotiate.

At iLife, we believe that simplicity is the way forward.

Our user-friendly dashboard enables you to manage all your business functions with a click of a button. No complicated instruction manuals. No prior experience required.

It’s also easy to use for the customer. Once they are on an agent’s page, they are quickly presented with personalized questions that assess which type of life insurance would be best for them. From there, they can adjust filters to compare different plans and sign up directly for life insurance. 

CRM Software Provides Solutions to Agents

The life insurance industry is highly competitive. This generation of consumers demands immediate solutions. They are unwilling to wait for slow brokers. Although other areas of the industry have implemented solutions to streamline the insurance purchasing process, life insurance has often lagged behind.

Overcoming common customer pain points is what will make your brokerage stand out. One way our CRM excels at customer retention is our chat feature. This feature allows customers to get answers to questions quickly. In addition, it supplies agents with personal information of the customer (or potential customer), such as which life insurance plans they’re interested in and where they live. 

Beat Out Cut-Throat Competition

Every life insurance broker knows how cut-throat the life insurance industry can be. If you fail to provide instant solutions, there is a high chance your prospect will choose another broker.

iLife life insurance agent CRM automates a significant proportion of your processes so you can spend more of your time maximizing your potential as an agent.

An innovative CRM for a life insurance agency from iLife empowers you to react faster and provide solutions at speed to outflank the competition.

Fixing the Fragmented Sales Process

Are you still using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to store and manage your data? If so, you are hamstringing your entire business.

Mistakes happen, and this can quickly lead to a fragmented sales process.

Fragmented sales processes impact client relationships. iLife life insurance CRM streamlines data processing, rectifies errors at lightning speed, and brings up client data instantly.

With iLife, you can manage every customer from a single, centralized platform.

Eliminate Inefficient Workflows

Every life insurance broker understands how much time-sequential tasks eat up. Manually handling these tasks reduces productivity and scatters workflow.

From renewals to follow-ups and the whole business of actually processing policies, iLife creates an efficient workflow that boosts revenue and improves the customer experience.

Level up your business and eliminate these challenges by choosing iLife life insurance CRM software to create a more efficient workflow.

Generate More Leads

Lead generation is becoming increasingly challenging as it becomes harder to meet customer expectations, and more agencies are competing for the same business.

Customers expect instant, all-encompassing solutions from their insurance broker. Fail on any count, and you are liable to lose that lead.

Our CRM solution can improve your lead generation conversion rates by providing more value to customers with less hassle.

By using your unique iLife conversion link, you can track the progress of customers anywhere on the web as they make their way through your sales funnel.

Put your brokerage’s lead generation on autopilot today.

Retain More of Your Customers

Did you know that businesses with 40% repeat customers will generate 50% more revenue than businesses that retain just 10% of their customers?

The fact is repeat customers are the core of any successful life insurance brokerage.

Retain more of your customers with iLife life insurance agent CRM. The key to the modern customer experience is personalization. People want to be treated like people rather than numbers.

Our CRM allows you to store customer information in profiles. This data can be easily accessed and utilized to boost engagement and provide them with the solutions they really need.

Try out iLife solutions now to practice retaining more of your customers.

iLife: The Best CRM for Life Insurance Agents

Join the thousands of agents who are already using the most advanced life insurance CRM platform in the world.

Together with iLife, you can boost productivity, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer journey. Attract more customers and retain a more significant proportion of your clientele.

With just a small licensing fee to pay, you can spend less of your time filling in forms and more of your team creating a great customer experience and making money.

Additionally, iLife sells hi-quality, verified leads (available for purchase in the iLife Store) that are guaranteed to have never been shared with any other agent. In fact, the leads you purchase from the iLife Store are dropped directly into the platform’s CRM, meaning no imports/exports are required.

Begin your journey to a better brokerage and contact the iLife team today to learn more about life insurance CRM software.

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