7 Ideas to Improve Your Life Insurance Social Media Posts 

life insurance posts for social media

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More than 59% of the world’s population is on social media channels. With this in mind, having a social media presence is really a no-brainer to grow your life insurance business. In fact, it’s a necessity. Using the right social media tools is essential to reach potential buyers, gain valuable insights, and build your brand. 

Since most consumers prefer to buy life insurance online, having a social media presence is essential. With so many technological innovations, there is a long list of online life insurance marketing tools that you can use to create effective social media campaigns. 

Considering the low cost (read: free) of social media tools, building an online presence would be a huge advantage. If your insurance agency is not using these tools in the right manner, you’re missing the opportunity to outshine your competitors. 

To understand what your competitors are doing on social media is one thing, but to use it effectively to attract new customers is quite another. Having a LinkedIn page or Twitter handle is just not enough if you don’t know how to use them to grow your business. 

In this article, we’ll cover the best tips on how to create a great social media post and attract customers. 

Why Use Social Media to Market Life Insurance?

Wondering why you should use social media for your life insurance business? Well, how about marketing your life insurance products in front of millions? Each time you log in to your social media accounts, you are reaching out to people where they are. Social media channels are outstanding and cost-effective ways to meet potential consumers and stay in touch with existing ones. 

By utilizing social media platforms within your digital marketing campaign, you can reach a much wider population and increase lead generation. 

  • Other benefits of having a social media strategy include:
    • More opportunities for brand recognition
    • Expanded business awareness/visibility
    • Global audience reach
    • Cost-effective marketing strategies
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7 Life Insurance Post Ideas for Social Media

Every life insurance marketer should add social media content to their marketing strategy. If you’re planning to get started with social media posts, you want to have some useful marketing tips at your dispense. These social media post ideas work for every insurance agent, whether you are selling life insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance. 

1. Agent Introduction 

Every insurance company should follow a few steps to build trust among their existing consumers and potential customers. The first is to introduce your agents and your company so that potential clients can put names to faces when meeting for the first time. 

By doing this, you can create trust between yourself and potential clients so that they can engage with your brand confidently. This also builds rapport with your audience and showcases expertise. Sharing photos of your team with brief but welcoming introductions can build connections with your target audience. 

2. Educational Content

Content is king! Whether you are looking to share videos or articles with your audience, it should be informative and educational. So, create posts that educate readers about life insurance in the form of videos, carousel photos, infographics, and articles.  

Life insurance is a complex topic, so make sure the content you create focuses on simplifying insurance. Videos, when created effectively using the right tools, share information in a more engaging way. In addition, try to answer common questions that your audience might have to establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority in the industry.  

3. Eye-Catching Deals and Discounts

Create PSA posts when you’re offering deals or discounts on life insurance policies. Get a leg up on your competition by keeping your customers informed on the money-saving solutions that your business is offering. For example, promoting discounts on your Facebook page is your opportunity to connect with and grow your audience. 

Life Insurance agents can use demographic information to create posts that attract a particular audience segment. When posting insurance deals on different social media platforms, avoid copying and pasting the same content; instead, use your creativity to personalize each post.  

4. Community Partnerships

Share when you’re partnering with local businesses or charities to showcase your sense of community. Collaboration posts indicate that you want others to participate in and be a part of your story. If you have a video clip, do not hesitate to add the link to your social media posts.

Before you announce a community partnership, add a page to your life insurance website to describe how it will benefit your customers. Add a hyperlink to redirect your customers and followers to the specific page so that they can get more in-depth information. 

5. Blog Content

Blog posts are amazing content to post on social media pages and keep your audience engaged. If you have a blog on your website (which is recommended!), share that content on social media platforms for a good click-through rate and better customer engagement. 

For example, drive interest in blog content by posting snippets of your upcoming blog post on social media. Share how this content will keep readers updated on life insurance policies or tease a potential discount code that will be included in the article. 

6. Current Client Testimonials

Ask your current clients for testimonials you can share on social media — just make sure you have their permission before sharing. Posting client testimonials on social media not only promotes your team’s good work but also improves your staff morale. 

Sharing testimonials will also tell your competitors that you have top brands in your kit. On top of that, posting testimonials builds trust, increases engagement, surges sales, and raises brand recognition while giving you the opportunity to grow your reach to a wider audience. 

7. Contact Information

Every so often, share your contact information via an engaging graphic and encourage readers to get in touch with you. When sharing your contact details, do not forget to add a relevant call to action (CTA) so that the new customers know what services you provide. 

Sharing your contact information on social media channels will allow prospects to contact you directly when they need your services. Your clients may not have your contact details on their contacts list, so posting them on social media can come in handy in case of an emergency. 

Monitor Your Social Media Progress with iLife

Now that you know the benefits of posting on social media and what you should post to engage your readers, it’s time to get started. 

Optimize your social media strategy based on your agency-specific goals and the platforms you intend to use. Once you have a good marketing plan in place, you may need a social media management tool for managing your posts and tracking your social media progress. 

iLife is a comprehensive life insurance software that allows you to market your services by posting them on social channels. Sign up for iLife’s life insurance software to simplify your marketing efforts, from building a branded website to managing social media posts.

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