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Life Insurance Quote Engine for Agents

What is a Life Insurance Quote Engine?

One of the most frustrating aspects of the traditional life insurance quoting process is the time it takes to come up with accurate quotes.

The digitization of life insurance is crucial to providing a high-quality insurance product. Yet, this is a niche that has notoriously lagged behind other areas of insurance, such as health and auto insurance.

Our life insurance quote engine for agents enables you to easily access a transparent database of the highest-rated life insurance plans quickly.

Life insurance quoting software enables the customer to enter basic pieces of personal information and their preferences to compare different plans easily.

Life insurance quote engines have revolutionized how the insurance industry works, offering customers a greater selection of plans, products that better suit their needs, and faster results.

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How Does Life Insurance Quote Software Work?

Life insurance is serious, and we want to make it easier to find the right plan for your customers’ needs. Life insurance quotation software enables brokers to overcome one of the biggest customer pain points in the business.

The software itself uses thousands of data points to deliver the insurance plans customers are looking for. Despite being a complex system, the way it works is easy. Here are the three simple steps our life insurance quoting software uses to help you get faster results:

Step One – The Form

At the front end of the process, the customer encounters a form they need to fill in to obtain a life insurance quote. They are not required to enter any personal information unless they actually apply for a selected policy.

All they have to do is provide some basic information, such as their age and what they’re looking for in a life insurance policy.

Step Two – Finding the Right Life Insurance Plan

Using a state-of-the-art database that is constantly learning and improving, our life insurance quote engine for agents will quickly match customers with the life insurance products that meet their needs.

Within our database, we include only the top-rated brokers in the industry. Full transparency is a given, building trust and allowing customers to compare different plans at a glance easily. There are thousands of data points within the iLife life insurance quote engine, one of the main reasons our tool is so accurate.

The iLife life insurance quoting tool guarantees the following:

  • Unsurpassable Rates – Nobody wants outdated rates. Our software guarantees the latest publicly available rates.
  • Unrivaled Choice – Our software includes more than 670,000 different life insurance products from across the nation.
  • Unbeatable Accuracy – The nature of the iLife quoting engine means changes can be made within a matter of seconds. This quoting engine ensures that the latest information is always available.

Step Three – Nail the Purchase

iLife life insurance broker quoting software is so much more than just a quoting engine; it supports you throughout the whole B2C process.

In particular, our platform has made one-click submissions for underwriting a reality. It has never been easier or faster to secure a life insurance plan when using a broker with a fully integrated digital dashboard from iLife.

If you’re looking for a life insurance quote engine for website use, iLife can play a vital role in your digital transformation.

Life Insurance Quote Solutions with iLife

The idea of automated quoting software for life insurance brokers is not a new one. There are numerous providers of software aimed at making the lives of brokers easier.

So what makes iLife different from the rest?

We Sell Software, Not Insurance

iLife is a team of tech experts looking to make the lives of brokers easier. We do not involve ourselves in the advertising or sale of life insurance.

We believe we should leave that to the experts, such as yourself. Instead, we focus on the backend. We concentrate on improving the traditional life insurance quoting process to make life easier for you and your customers.

And the industry has overwhelmingly agreed with our stance on this, leading to more than $4 million in industry seed funding to make iLife a reality.

Understanding the Needs of the Modern Customer

The insurance business has often been accused of not keeping up with the times, especially when it comes to technology. Traditional quoting processes take time, and often it’s the broker who moves the fastest that gets the commission.

iLife takes pride in understanding the needs of the modern consumer. Our life insurance quoting tool aims to reflect those needs so you can give your customers a one-of-a-kind quoting experience and close the sale quickly.

Concerns over privacy? Our life insurance quote engine for agents does not require customers to enter any identifying information to obtain a quote.

Confused about the technical side of things? The iLife quote engine is specifically designed to be easily integrated into any storefront, so you can spend more of your time focusing on your customers and the things that matter.

Want to go further than a quote engine? Our quote engine is also a life insurance comparative rater. In other words, if your prospects have a preference for a specific life insurance provider, they can compare them against different plans.

Life Insurance Sales All in One Place

Brokers are not IT specialists, nor should they have to be.

iLife’s life insurance quoting solutions are here to ensure that not only can you work from anywhere, but the entire sales process is centered on a single digital platform.

For the customer, this means they can receive their quote, communicate with you, and purchase a plan, all using the same software.

For you, this means you don’t need to balance the installation and maintenance of multiple plugins. From discussing specific needs with the customer to requesting health records, it can all be done within the iLife platform.

iLife is all about making life and life insurance easier for customers and brokers alike.

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Beyond Quotes: iLife Software and Services

Quotes are often the first touchpoint with a prospective customer. Nailing the sale and gaining your commission requires a lot more work.

Unlike other software providers, iLife supports you and your customers throughout every step of the life insurance comparison and purchasing process.

Spend less time cold calling and more time bringing interested parties to your branded storefront. The unique iLife link is fully trackable and allows you to gain valuable data insights on your customers throughout your sales funnel.

Automated Digital Presentations

Pre-approve your marketing materials and deliver them seamlessly via the automated digital presentation feature. Policy illustrations, carrier information, and performance figures are readily available to brokers from their iLife dashboards.

This client-friendly interface can support an unlimited number of customers, with much of the process automated for ease and convenience.

Make Underwriting Easy

Struggling with creating a smooth underwriting process?

iLife caters to the modern consumer by automating and supercharging the fulfillment of key underwriting requirements.

From gaining information on a new application to submitting electronic health data, brokers can now automate the underwriting process.

Plus, iLife contains cutting-edge security features to give customers confidence that their data is safe when they work with you.

You Keep the Commissions

Ready to sign up for free and expedite your sales cycle with our life insurance quote engine for agents?

Before you begin, know that whatever pricing plan you choose, you always get to keep the commissions. We charge a small monthly licensing fee—you keep the rest. 100% of your commissions go directly to your bank account.

Automate your life insurance brokerage from anywhere, so you can focus on getting your customers the insurance they need. Transform your business with the world’s first and only life insurance sales platform. Try iLife today!

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