Marketing for Life Insurance Agents: Best Practices

Life insurance agents creating a marketing strategy plan for life insurance sales

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It’s no secret that selling life insurance is challenging. Luckily, there are ways to make the process a little easier. Adopting an empathetic and informational approach can help life insurance agents market their products to a wider audience. By establishing trust, you can attract new leads, sell more policies, and improve your insurance agency’s revenue manifold. 

Learning creative life insurance marketing techniques will help you display your insurance agency as a trustworthy brand that aims at providing real value to people. From email marketing to search engine optimization (SEO), there are numerous ways you can present your insurance business as the best option in the insurance industry. Let’s learn a few below. 

Why Life Insurance Agents Should Invest in Marketing

Most insurance buyers search for the best life insurance policies on search engines like Google or Bing. Buyers often believe that social media platforms and online reviews play an important role in decision-making. This gives insurance marketers a viable reason why they should invest in their insurance marketing effort.

With extensive insurance marketing, you gain an improved online presence, which is important in today’s digital world. The idea of insurance marketing might look intimidating to many insurance sales agents, but it will be beneficial in the long run. When done correctly, marketing can help agents generate more leads and close them faster — with higher conversion rates. 

One thing that you need to decide before proceeding with your marketing efforts is whether you want to opt for online marketing or offline marketing. While offline marketing has its pros, it can be cost-intensive. Online marketing or digital marketing allows you to reach your audience where they are: social media marketing platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. 

By marketing your insurance agency and life insurance plans on social media channels, the marketers get the opportunity to talk directly to customers and engage them. With a wider customer base, you stand a good chance to convert leads into sales. 

Best Practices for Life Insurance Agent Marketing

For effective marketing, the insurance carriers have to break through the physical and traditional brick-and-mortar holdings. Today’s customers are looking for a more dynamic and seamless shopping experience that they could only get online. 

Insurance companies and independent agents should emphasize having a website for a better online presence. Your website is the digital face and first impression of your insurance business. Before you market your product to existing clients or prospective customers, first take time to understand what you want to achieve. 

When it comes to insurance, the biggest problem is that people understand the importance of life insurance, but they don’t want to buy it. The reason can be anything from lack of knowledge to other financial obligations. So, your marketing campaigns must be designed to educate and inform buyers. 

Let’s move on to the best insurance marketing strategies that can help agents in better lead generation. 

Personalize Every Strategy

Keep your target audience in mind as you build your marketing strategies. It will help you decide the best marketing channel, based on demographics. For example, if you are planning to focus on young people, Instagram can be the right channel to start with. However, if you are looking to attract corporate clients, you can personalize your strategy specifically for LinkedIn. 

While organic content is important, you need to try alternate ways to stand out and reach a large audience. Online advertising strategies such as pay-per-click (PPC) can be a potential way to market your insurance company. Focus on your target keyword and don’t forget to add referral programs to your marketing campaign as it is one of the effective marketing metrics.

Engage Regularly 

Whether through a weekly email newsletter, social media accounts, or SMS, follow a consistent marketing strategy to keep potential customers engaged. Having an online audience is not enough, you need to publish on social media regularly — daily or weekly. Avoid over-publishing as it is not going to help your brand; rather, it will annoy your connections, and you may end up losing them. 

Regardless of whether you publish once daily or twice a week, your content must provide value to the readers. Content marketing is a powerful tool that hooks potential clients and engages them with the brand. Utilize informative blogs and articles to bring more traffic to your agency website by using powerful, high-quality content.

Collect Client Feedback

Collect feedback from clients on your strategies as it will help you improve your marketing effort as well as customer experience. By mapping customer journeys, you will be able to identify areas that are performing well and those that need to be improved. When companies listen to their clients, it helps build trust and strengthen customer relationships. 

Educate your existing customers about the importance of online testimonials and feedback. Send customized feedback forms asking clients to share their views and opinions on the insurance product they purchased. Positive reviews and ratings can help your business get more insurance leads. An increase in Yelp rating by one star can result in a 5% to 9% increase in revenue.   

Consistently Track KPIs

Keep track of KPIs to understand how effective your marketing efforts are. It helps you know which marketing channels are bringing you more leads while separating those that are not contributing much to bringing new clients. Consistent tracking enables you to redirect your marketing tactics to areas that are providing the most significant returns.  

When tracking KPIs, identify your referral sources and plan referral incentives to motivate your clients to grow referral numbers. A reliable CRM can help you keep track of your customers and marketing channels. Manage your insurance business effectively from lead generation to conversion to follow-ups and beyond.

Stick to a Budget 

Set a marketing budget at the start and see how your efforts pay off. When determining your budget, keep in mind your marketing goals and the online channels you want to use. Outlining your marketing goals will help you determine overall strategy and figure out the allocation of resources across channels — social media ads, email marketing, etc. 

With a sizable budget, you will have a more realistic insight into what practices you can implement for acquiring customers. Further, you can set a budget for each productive marketing channel that results in better retention. If you feel that a particular social channel is not working for you, stop spending additionally to save money and try alternate channels.  

Invest in Marketing Tools

Marketing as a professional insurance agent doesn’t have to be hard. With effective marketing plans and strategies, you can get potential clients to your insurance agency. Since insurance is a dynamic industry, you need to keep pace with the rapidly growing trends. Investing in insurance automation tools can help you manage your book of business more effectively. 

iLife’s Marketing Hub is designed to help insurance agents market their products and services efficiently to the target market. By using the most responsive marketing tools, insurance professionals can engage with their audience on various channels including email, social media, text messages, and more. 

Upgrade Your Marketing Efforts with iLife

In today’s fast-paced digital era, salespeople are not just focused on selling services, but also on a seamless customer experience. You need to market your product across channels to reap maximum benefits.

How about having an automated tool that integrates a suite of marketing features? A tool that can help you optimize your marketing strategies through text messages, email, or social media channels. 

Sign up for iLife to incorporate an all-in-one marketing hub into your company software to directly email or text customers and share engaging content on social media. Use pre-designed templates to share content with potential clients and manage all your social media channels from one single place. Gain all this and more when you sign up with iLife!

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