5 Ways to Celebrate National Life Insurance Day

National Life Insurance Day

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Happy National Life Insurance Day!

Like most financial products, the concept of life insurance is a relatively modern invention. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1930s that what we recognize as the Lump Sum Death Benefit became an official offering. 

And although life insurance provokes thoughts of uneasiness, a policy can make a massive difference in the financial future of beneficiaries for years to come. That’s reason enough to add National Life Insurance Day to the calendar. 

National Life Insurance Day is coming up on May 2nd, giving you plenty of time to decide how you will celebrate. Will you give your clients or referrals a discount? How about hosting a networking event? In this article, we give you five fun ways you can celebrate in your agency. 

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How Life Insurance Day Came To Be

Once upon a time, life insurance didn’t exist, and the financial burden of a loved one’s passing was the responsibility of the living family members. Then in 1717, support for widows first appeared in the Corporation for Relief of Poor and Distressed Widows and Children of Presbyterian Ministers. 

This first relief fund would be a precursor to later “widow’s funds” that helped struggling widows with the financial challenges they faced when their husbands passed. In the late 1760s, the concept of life insurance finally manifested into something we’re familiar with today.

To mark the occasion, life insurance companies and independent agents celebrate National Life Insurance Day on May 2nd. National Life Insurance Day is a unique day separate from National Insurance Awareness Day, which occurs on June 28th.  

The first life insurance policies and widow’s funds had significant limitations related to payout and qualifications. Today, we have several choices of insurance coverage to help our loved ones weather the financial uncertainty of a loss. Here are a few common types of life insurance most products fall into:

  • Term life insurance  
  • Whole life insurance
  • Annuities 
  • Universal life insurance
  • Final expense insurance

With such a wide range of options, it is a poor financial move not to invest in some form of life insurance. Because of that reason alone, May 2nd marks the perfect day to educate the world on the benefits of life insurance! 

How To Celebrate National Life Insurance Day

Everyone likes a good party, and celebrating National Life Insurance Day gives you the perfect excuse to break out insurance-themed party favors. Whether this is your first NLID or 50th, you’ve come to the right place because we break down the best ways to celebrate. Plus, these celebrations pull double duty, serving as a jumping point for your products and services! 

Offer Incentives

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to treat your policyholders. Use National Life Insurance Day as a reason to offer incentives, such as discounts on policies, gift cards, or other tokens of appreciation. 

These incentives are an excellent way to give back to your client base while tapping into new potential leads through referrals. It’s not just your clients who can benefit, either. Partner with other local service professionals to spread the word and offer incentives to new customers who sign up during the celebration.

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Share Testimonials

When life happens, sometimes the only thing that brings normalcy is the ability to pay the bills. Everyone has a powerful story about how a life insurance plan saved their family’s finances or how a positive experience led to additional family members signing up for new policies because of how you handled the sale of life insurance. 

Take the opportunity to share positive experiences your current clients have had. These testimonials are part of the reason we get up and sell insurance every day. You can even share a personal story about how life insurance has impacted your family. The most significant aspect is to listen to and communicate the benefits of life insurance during a celebratory time. 

Take to Social Media

Social media makes it easy to share and connect with others within your online community about National Life Insurance Day. It’s an excellent opportunity to stretch your online presence and build awareness through informative posts, trivia, or even a hashtag. 

You can utilize Instagram stories and LinkedIn infographic features or compose a blog post about the stability of one’s financial future and the peace of mind that individuals gain by partnering with a life insurance agent. Need some inspiration? iLife has pre-made social media content for life insurance agencies to use within our platform!

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Host a Networking Event

What’s the point of having a National Life Insurance Day without having a party? However, don’t just throw any old party; host a networking event. During a networking event, you create an environment that fosters networking, communication, and learning. 

Be sure to invite co-workers, clients, business owners, other insurance agents, or local officials to come and celebrate. Be sure to have brochures, pamphlets, or life insurance-themed gift bags with branded gear and business cards. And don’t forget the food!

Decorate Your Office

What better way to prepare the office for National Life Insurance Day than to decorate? Decorating allows you to create a colorful and inviting atmosphere to explore the benefits life insurance brings and is a perfect way to elevate your networking event.

Encourage your team to get involved in sprucing the office up with streamers, posters, party favors, and even a cake if the event calls for one. Decorating the office helps unite everyone and creates a place for you and your colleagues to share your passion for insurance with your clients.

Commemorate National Life Insurance Day with iLife 

Keep an eye out for May 2nd on the National Day calendar. May 2nd is National Life Insurance Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to share your passion for life insurance with your community and clients. 

While it may seem like just another day for many, you can take the celebration into your own hands with fun yet productive methods of spreading the word about life insurance. From taking to social media to decorating your office, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate. 

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National Life Insurance Day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Life Insurance Day

Happy National Life Insurance Day! Like most financial products, the concept of life insurance is a relatively modern invention. In fact, it wasn’t until the