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The Importance of Investing in Software to Sell Life Insurance

The world’s going digital but most insurance brokers and agents still use traditional methods to generate leads. Once the personal network dries up and the leads start to slow down, what do you do? Oh and by the way, what about events like COVID-19? Your business can be impacted without you noticing it, leaving you with nothing on the books. It’s time for something new, something smarter. 

It’s time for life insurance agents to become experts at digital marketing. 

It’s time to start thinking about monthly email newsletters, generating client reviews, a digital storefront for self-service shopping, and most importantly generating your own leads via social media like Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Digital transformation is sweeping through the life insurance industry. A digital business not only generates more leads, but online automation can lower operating costs, increase sales, reduce the sales cycle, and result in higher growth. For insurance agents who can learn these skills, the future is full of opportunity.

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Often the term “digital transformation” is linked to the idea of people losing jobs to computers. And that’s at least partially true. However, it’s important to look at which jobs are lost to computers. Think about tedious and time consuming tasks such as manually sifting through thousands of policies and claims, typing every policy you sell, keeping track of every client interaction, cold calling, and making decisions based on a gut feel.

The digital transformation removes these menial tasks, and allows the agent to do what they do best: provide expert advice on risk exposure while fostering and maintaining excellent client relationships. Imagine focusing on what you do best, and letting the computer handle the rest. A digital agent is not relinquishing expertise to a computer system. In fact, the insurance knowledge and expertise of the agent will be in higher demand.

There’s a misconception that digitizing an agency is a challenging and overwhelming task. With the right tools, becoming a digital agent is a simple transition. Any insurance agency can learn to leverage these tools to drive business growth. When you become a digital agency you can focus on what matters most, building client relationships and growing your business.

One tool you may want to consider is iLife’s all-in-one platform which conveniently possesses every tool a life insurance agent could need all in one place.

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