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The Secret to Getting Qualified Life Insurance Leads

Learning how to find prospects for life insurance is the most challenging aspect of a life insurance agent’s job. You can’t exist as an agent without life insurance leads, even if you know all there is to know about life insurance itself.

Furthermore, as if obtaining leads wasn’t tricky enough, the life insurance industry is notoriously overcrowded. Hundreds of agents fight for the attention of a small number of prospects. If you want a prosperous, long-term career in this competitive industry, it’s crucial to get a head start on these chances before your competitors do. To ensure you have a lucrative sales career, we’re uncovering some of the top secrets for how to generate life insurance leads.

How to Get Life Insurance Leads

There are several avenues you can take when it comes to life insurance lead generation, each ranging in different levels of complexity. However, with a bit of patience and dedication, you can start marketing life insurance services today.

Start a Blog to Generate Life Insurance Leads

For insurance agents, the statistics on blogging for life insurance lead generation are remarkable. Blogging for a business can do more than inform followers about current company news and activities. It can help you position yourself as an expert in your sector, provide people an inside peek at your workplace culture, and establish brand authority.

You can present yourself as the go-to resource in your audience’s moment of need by writing blogs that educate your potential life insurance leads about your services and how you can help.

Furthermore, if you opt for SEO keywording in your content, the more valuable your content will be, and the more positively search engines such as Google regard your website.

Networking to Generate Life Insurance Leads

Without cold calling, depending on overworked firm leads, or spending your own money, networking with other experts is a fantastic approach to get free life insurance leads.

Professionals from various businesses typically gather weekly or monthly to socialize, share marketing tactics, and suggest business opportunities to one another.

You may also look for online events and conferences related to the insurance sector on the internet. If you’re feeling brave, you can organize your own webinar to share what you’ve learned while also generating life insurance leads through valuable connections with other agents.

Company Life Insurance Leads

Working for a firm that provides life insurance leads for agents is the most straightforward approach to ensure a consistent lead flow. During the recruiting process, several life insurance companies exploit the promise of leads to persuade potential agents. While the concept of not having to prospect for business on your own is appealing, the advertisements for lead programs are almost always more appealing than the reality.

Just because you don’t pay for corporate leads upfront doesn’t mean that you’ll get these life insurance leads free of cost. When you obtain leads from your employer, your commission is usually reduced in exchange.

Third-Party Life Insurance Lead Generation

Third-party firms that sell leads to life insurance agents exist if your firm doesn’t offer them or you’re unhappy with the quality. Typically, you provide the organization with your zip code, the distance you’re willing to drive to meet with prospects, and the number of life insurance leads you wish to purchase. You make a one-time payment, and the company sends you a stack of leads within your designated geographic area.

If you choose to buy life insurance leads, the major advantage is that, unlike an employer who provides leads, the lead supplier doesn’t charge a large percentage of your commissions in exchange.

Most lead-generating businesses also provide you the option of specifying lead parameters like age, income, and desired reward amount. Some firms let you choose between exclusive life insurance leads, which are sold solely to you, and nonexclusive leads, which are sold to other agents as well. Exclusive leads are, understandably, more costly due to the fact that there will be less competition around contacting the prospect.

There are some caveats to dealing with third-party lead generating companies to keep in mind:

  • By purchasing your leads, you’re beginning in debt that you can only get out of by converting those leads into sales.
  • As a newcomer, you may not have the knowledge for properly vetting a lead generation company.
  • You may end up paying for leads that have been overexposed, making it a worthless contact.
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Marketing Life Insurance the Right Way

Because building a ‘cost-effective’ life insurance marketing plan is crucial to your success in selling life insurance, investments, and services, you should include multiple proven life insurance marketing tactics, concepts, and tools in your marketing strategy. 

When creating a marketing plan, you’ll want to make a note of the potential places that can lead to qualified prospects. 

Examples include:

  • Newsletters
  • Collaborative ventures
  • Seminars
  • Web classes
  • Your own website

By creating a flexible, yet targeted life insurance lead generation marketing strategy, you can vet effectively while establishing a long-term relationship so that you may always work with people who require and are interested in your services. 

People like to purchase from someone they know, like, and trust. It will be much easier for you to organize a sales appointment and close the transaction if your marketing strategy builds this rapport beforehand. Here are some tactics you can integrate into your marketing strategy:

Create a Content Marketing Campaign

A content marketing strategy is one of the primary strategies to generate unique life insurance leads. Targeting a buyer persona, establishing a landing page with an offer tailored to your target customer, and writing content to promote the offer are all part of these campaigns.

Depending on your objectives and resources, you may choose to approach your campaign in various ways. The following are the major stages you must complete:

  • Create a buyer persona that includes gender, age, demographics, and life situations.
  • Create a landing page with a highly enticing offer and compelling Call to Action (CTA) for your ideal customer.
  • Create content that promotes the offering and links to the landing page.

Targeting a Buyer Persona

If your campaign is more focused, it will be more effective. The more niches you can separate from your overall market, the better. By targeting specific buyers with your offers, you will get a more focused reach and be able to effectively vet your potential prospects.

In your life insurance content marketing initiatives, try to target specific age groups, health classes, genders, or regions. These advertisements will outperform generic life insurance leads campaigns that aren’t targeted to specific audiences.

The key is that the more precise a target you can determine, the more exposure your material will receive and the higher the conversion rate of your offer. As a result, this initial step is critical to the success of your campaign. If you choose a target audience that’s too broad, it will be considerably more difficult to come up with the appropriate offer.

Free Life Insurance Leads

While there’s “no such thing as a free lunch,” there are ways to generate life insurance leads without a financial cost upfront.

Participate in Listing Sites and Directories

Ensure your company information is up-to-date and complete on every directory and listing site you can find. This is another technique to rank better in Internet searches organically. Sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook Business Pages are completely free and have become major online destinations for consumers.

Fill Out the Information Carefully

Make sure your company name, address on Google and Apple Maps, phone number, and website are all spelled correctly. List all of the services and policies you provide. When discussing how you differ from your competitors, make sure to add some targeted keywords in your business description to help with your SEO.

Referrals are King

You’re undoubtedly aware that word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective methods for generating free life insurance leads for your company. However, you may not be aware that collaborating with other experts in your neighborhood is ideal for generating these sorts of recommendations.

You should ask your current clients to talk to their friends and family on your behalf. Encourage happy customers to submit positive reviews on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook. After establishing your listing on these websites and receiving customer reviews, make sure to react to every review to demonstrate your commitment to excellent customer service.

Maintain a Social Media Presence

You should begin by making an account on every major social media platform. To demonstrate your competence, add links to your company’s website and all relevant experience and education. Remember to include a professional headshot. Begin making connections with individuals in your neighborhood and then rely on generating referrals from every connection you start building.

Spend Less Time Hunting Down Life Insurance Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of an agent’s financial future. With that in mind, iLife sells both Marketing Lists and Live Transfers which have given countless agents new business. While we’ve given you some tips on how to get life insurance leads, there are tools available that will significantly ease the burden.

iLife offers the world’s first and only life insurance sales platform that dramatically decreases time spent looking for leads while boosting revenue. iLife is a life insurance sales automation technology that allows you to communicate with new qualified leads digitally in real time. Additionally, iLife sells hi-quality, verified leads (available for purchase in the iLife Store) that are guaranteed to have never been shared with any other agent. In fact, the leads you purchase from the iLife Store are dropped directly into the platform’s CRM, meaning no imports/exports are required. Contact us today for a free demo and see how you can source life insurance leads faster.

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