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The Key to Increased ROI for Carriers and Wholesale Distributors

↓ ~75%

Lower Total
Cost of Ownership

iLife for Carriers

Ensure maximum productivity and minimize software costs by upgrading from outdated e-Apps. Learn how iLife can improve performance, increase talent retention, and reduce the overall cost of technology ownership.

Maximize revenue by consolidating multiple product lines into a custom, streamlined e-App, eliminating inefficiencies and fragmentation.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Cloud Native e-App
  • Automated CRM Data Capture
  • In-Platform Communications
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Reduction in
Back-Office Costs

iLife for Wholesale Distributors

Optimize operations with the all-in-one insurance software. Learn how iLife can help you shorten the sales cycle, attract and retain more agents, win more business from producers, and reduce your back-office costs.

Streamline the sales cycle by replacing multiple tools with the most comprehensive all-in-one life insurance CRM.

  • Touchless CRM
  • e-App
  • Quoting Tool
  • Marketing Tool
  • Website Builder