Revolutionize Your Distribution with iLife's Universal API

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Streamline, Stand Out, and Simplify with Universal API

Discover the power of iLife's Universal API to streamline your insurance distribution. Our innovative platform consolidates all critical data — from New Business submissions to commission and underwriting status — into a single, easy-to-navigate system. With iLife, you can effortlessly access and customize data, enhancing collaboration with carriers and revolutionizing your operational workflow.

Transforming Insurance Distribution: iLife's Universal API Use Cases

Standardized Data Through One API

Streamline access to all essential carrier data — from commissions and appointments to production and product details — with iLife’s singular, straightforward API. 

What once meant hopping between dozens of carrier sites or platforms is now consolidated into one comprehensive feed.

This data can be seamlessly integrated into any BGA/IMO portal, CRM, AMS, or your chosen interface, elevating the information available to your producers to unmatched levels.

Universal Application for All Products

Increase cross-sell efforts by consolidating multiple insurance applications across states, products, and carriers into a Universal Application.

Simplify with our all-in-one solution that offers auto pre-fill and eliminates redundant entries.

Plus, easily convert informal inquiries at multiple carriers into a new business application with just one click.

Build & Brand Your Own Experience

Own your end-to-end branded business experience without the need for large IT teams.

Stand out by offering a unique platform, and maintain full control over the user experience for producers and their clients throughout the application process. 

Value for All Stakeholders

Our platform creates value for both the agents and their clients of insurance Distributors, leading to stronger relationships with top carriers.

Maximize Carrier Partnerships

Better connectivity between insurance Distributors and Carriers streamlines operations, enhances data sharing, and fosters stronger partnerships, leading to improved efficiency and increased opportunities for both parties.

iLife Stakeholder Workflow

Case study SNAPSHOT

Distributor Overcomes Integration Inefficiencies


A prominent insurance Distributor faced challenges managing applications across various carriers, leading to:

  • Time-consuming application processes for different products
  • Inefficient data access causing delays in decision-making
  • Increased operational costs due to redundant system use

Results with iLife

By leveraging iLife’s Universal API, the Distributor experienced a transformation in operations, including:

  • Streamlined multi-product applications, reducing processing time by 50%
  • Centralized data feeds improving insights and strategic planning
  • Operational cost reduction by 30% through streamlined workflows

Discover how iLife's Universal API can transform your insurance distribution.