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Use this tier to try out some of iLife's limited features as well as purchase quality Live Transfer Leads monthly to fill your pipeline.
$0 /Month

Includes these features:

  • Professional iLife landing page
  • Track prospect landing page visits
  • Track and analyze sales activity for each client
  • Agent quoting tool with over 700k policy options
  • Live chat with visitors to your iLife landing page
  • Offline chat will capture a prospect's name, email, and message
  • Customize your carrier options
  • Notification when you receive an email
  • Call and Text clients directly from the iLife platform
  • Recorded calls are automatically transcribed review for quality assurance
  • Ability to purchase Live Transfer Leads

Usage Limitations:

  • Generate up to 10 sales prospects (Does not include Live Transfers)
  • Send up to 20 texts/Month
  • Upload up to 100 non-Live Transfer contacts
Get access to the comprehensive CRM that gives you everything you need to effectively run your life insurance business.
$199 /Month

Everything on Basic plus:

  • Generate unlimited sales prospects
  • Electronic Health Records that are encrypted and HIPAA compliant
  • Online Approvals (e-Apps)
  • Create email, social media and text campaigns
  • Includes 1,000 text messages/Month
  • Marketing content library with premade templates
  • Access to customer support
  • Text notification when you receive a live chat or form submission
  • API Carrier Appointments
  • Professional branded iLife website
  • Customize the prospect journey on your
    iLife website
  • Custom subdomain for your iLife website
  • Option to add a video to your
    iLife website
  • Additional admin user for your account
  • PDF Quote Generator
Get access to Pro+ features along with management tools to effectively improve your agent recruitment, quality control, and sales productivity.
$599 /Month

Everything on Basic & Pro+ plus:

  • Team account for multiple agents
  • Includes 5 Pro Plus seats + the Agency Owner Admin Seat
  • Invite a partner to initiate referrals

Coming Soon:

  • Ability to distribute leads amongst
    your team
  • Agency Reports
  • Two-way Communication between agents and agencies
  • Case Management & Assignment
  • Agent Recruiting
  • Product Underwriting Recommendations

Additional Seat Purchasing Options:

  • Pro+ seat $129/Month
  • Quoter/Live Transfer buyer seat $79/Month
  • Additional Admin seat $59/Month
Leverage iLife to maximize revenue and streamline operations with a custom package tailored to your organization's specific needs.


Everything on Basic, Pro+ & Agency:

Access all features of Basic, Pro+, and Agency tiers in a customized version of iLife to align with your operations and sales process.


Maximize revenue by consolidating multiple product lines into a custom, streamlined
e-App, eliminating inefficiencies and fragmentation.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Cloud Native e-App
  • Automated CRM Data Capture
  • In-Platform Communications
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


Streamline the sales cycle by replacing multiple tools with the most comprehensive all-in-one life insurance CRM.

  • Touchless CRM
  • e-App
  • Quoting Tool
  • Marketing Tool
  • Website Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

No, iLife does not sell life insurance. iLife is an online platform that facilitates the sales process for agents.

Absolutely! You can sign up free to access limited features.

We work with the following carriers and are adding more rapidly:

Final expense:

Permanent Life Insurance:

No. Beyond a small monthly licensing fee, you keep all of your commissions.

No, iLife is not a distributor.

No. GAs and IMOs don’t sell a product. They sell the ability to help brokers, agents, and agencies get appointed with carriers.

The iLife platform organically attracts prospects online by offering them a free browsing experience to find policies. After that, they can contact you for assistance in qualifying for life insurance coverage. Subscribers to our professional account also have the option to purchase bundles of verified leads.

No. Agents are not bound by the policies on the platform and can sell from any carrier they represent. Agents may sell any number of insurance products. There are no restrictions with our platform.

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