Build a Better Life Insurance Business

The All-In-One Hub For Life Insurance Agents

iLife is the first online life insurance hub that facilitates both sides of the sales exchange for a complete win-win situation. Prospects are given the tools to find the right policy while agents are empowered to make tremendous sales.

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iLife Product Tour

Click through our interactive demo to see how iLife empowers life insurance agents to build and grow their business online.

Deliver an interactive browsing experience

On one side, you have a consumer facing platform which acts as a digital storefront.

Through it, customers answer a few questions, are matched with policies personally tailored to them, and then have their health records synced with their carrier of choice to begin the underwriting process.

Build and grow your life insurance business

On the other side, life insurance agents are given a host of features—live chat, CRM, analytics, etc—strategically aligned to help them complete the sale quickly and painlessly. 

Together, the experience combines to perfectly streamline the sales process, exponentially easing the workload for agents.

iLife Features

Tools to Help you succeed

Branded Website

Create a branded iLife website without code to guide the prospects down the sales funnel to completion and create a powerful brand presence.

Digital Browsing

Introduce clients to our comprehensive browsing experience to help them seamlessly find the optimal policy and quote for them.

CRM Functionality

Utilize iLife’s CRM platform to nurture new leads to conversion through a myriad number of tools: client conversations, prospect origins, analytics, etc.

A Competitive Edge

Distinguish your agency from others and attract the strongest talent by offering the most cutting-edge life insurance software available.

Work Remotely

Work anywhere, anytime as the iLife platform is accessible around the clock with no strings attached, recognizing all life insurance agents have their own unique schedules.

Automated Underwriting

Reduce back office expenses with our automated underwriting system that streamlines applications.

Carrier Possibilities

Commit to diversity and quality with our 670k different policies that include a transparency guarantee by their carriers.

Team Dashboard

Increase your agency's efficiency dramatically by providing a software that enables an overhead view of all prospect activity across the team.

iLife Store

Enhance your iLife experience with additional website features, more carrier options, carrier integration, and most importantly, qualified lead packages.

Say Goodbye To Cold Leads

Say hello to the digital life insurance experience

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