Drive Growth & Reduce Expenses with iLife’s Universal e-App

Consolidate all insurance applications across multiple products and states into a single streamlined, Universal e-App.

Man using iLife's new Universal e-Application

Streamline your operations with the future of e-Apps

Say goodbye to fragmented processes and wasted admin hours. Welcome to the cutting-edge realm of e-Apps for life insurance carriers. Experience streamlined processes, unmatched efficiency, and a seamless user experience that sets a new industry standard.

Icon signifying User-friendly platform

User-friendly and intuitive interface for producers, admins, and clients

Icon signifying Improving cross-sell

Improved cross-sell efficiency between different product lines

Icon signifying streamlining processes

Streamlined underwriting processes with AIPowered Informal Inquiries

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Seamless e-Application submissions, electronic health records, payments and signatures

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Save time and costs with the the zerocode eApplication form builder

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Quickly go live with any distributor using our Universal Headless API

Discover the new standard for Universal eApplications

Make edits to applications with zero code

Adapt to market changes in an instant. Make cross-selling easy. Cut expensive workflow problems.

Agent/Client/Carrier/BGA communications are all built in

Make communication between agents and clients and agents and underwriters seamless with comments, chat, email, and text available directly in the platform.

Reduce technology expenses by by replacing ineffective tools with a multiproduct Universal eApp

iLife advantages

Clear communication between producers, admins, and clients

Dynamic eApp enables twoway agenttoclient & agenttoadmin communications

Producer Dashboard

  • iLife checklist Icon Chat with clients & underwriting team admins
  • iLife checklist Icon Review client responses to questions
  • iLife checklist Icon Obtain e-signatures & payment from the client

Admin Dashboard

Client Dashboard

SOC2 Certification

iLife has achieved the SOC2 Type 2 Certification

Soc 2 Type 2 certification entails meticulous testing and auditing of our internal controls over an extended period of time. This process ensures we handle information with the highest standards of care, in line with industry-leading security practices. 

No more fragmented processes

Say goodbye to fragmented processes

Increase productivity and provide a better agent and client experience by streamlining sales, marketing, and e-App workflows. Agents can complete tasks seamlessly, without switching between multiple tools.

How iLife’s e-Apps will benefit your organization

Improved technology

Increase productivity and provide a better agent and client experience by streamlining sales, marketing, and e-App workflows.
Life Insurance Agent checks their overall performance using iLife e-Apps
Life Insurance Agent checks their Cost breakdown using iLife e-Apps

Lower cost of tech ownership

iLife’s cloud-native software is easy to implement and maintain, resulting in a substantial reduction in technology ownership costs.

All-inclusive support

The cost of the software includes comprehensive support, eliminating the need for additional tech resources.

Life Insurance Agent completes onboarding using iLife e-Apps
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