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Make sure your business is equipping itself with the most state of the art features like Online Approvals to ensure you keep pace with all your competitors and to keep the process quick and painless.

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Agent checks client application completion

Expedited Processing

The traditional application process can take 1-2 weeks depending on gathering information, back-and-forth conversations with the client, the underwriter’s analysis, etc.

Our Online Application process dramatically reduces this time frame into a single session as short as fifteen minutes. This is available for select carriers within the iLife platform.

Unlimited Scalability

Normally, agent’s can only service so many clients at once, but Online Approvals automatically guides clients through the application process without any added effort by the agent.

This means all an agent has to do is attract a lead to their website and allow the platform to do the rest, infinitely multiplying the amount of clients that can be serviced at once and drastically increasing sales.

Life Insurance agent checks multiple clients at one with iLife

The Key to Taking Your
Business to the Next Level

Maximum Convenience

With our Online Approvals feature, clients can journey through the entire application process-browsing quotes, completing carrier applications, paying and binding policies – all from your website by themselves.

Our end-to-end funnel seamlessly guides them every step of the way for the ultimate user experience.

Time Saver

Because Online Approvals eliminate the need for an agent to contact a client, fill out the application form on a carrier’s website, and then converse back and forth with underwriters, they save enormous amounts of time.

Online approvals cut the process down from 4 weeks to 10 minutes.

"iLife is spearheading the future of Life Insurance, providing clients with the convenience to shop around a variety of carriers and products from the comfort of their own home."

Nicholas T.
Life Insurance Agent

General iLife Questions

Traditionally, agents have to call clients on the phone and then use agent facing tools to help find them a suitable policy. 

After discussing the policy with them, the agent would then go to the carrier’s website and complete the application in the client’s name. 

Once the form is submitted, an underwriter will evaluate it and decide whether to approve it or not.

On the other hand, with Online Approvals, clients can browse policies on iLife’s platform and then receive an e-app invitation from Banner Life within minutes of completing their form. From there, they connect directly with the carrier.

Alternatively, if a client is using SBLI, they will be able to complete the entire process fully within the iLife platform.

This model maximizes convenience as clients can complete an entire life insurance application without an agent ever lifting a finger. This creates a channel for agents to generate passive income.

It’s a real game changer, never before has it been possible for an agent to take the entire business online, self-service, within 1 minute, at minimum budget with no codes, and immediately start offering seamless online policy decisions to their customers. The biggest impact comes from the fact that great consumer experiences can now be had at insurance businesses of any size, any budget, with an extremely short time needed to realize value, all of which are radically different and opposite to the insurance industry’s prior concepts of Enterprise software.

At this time, Online Approvals is only available for select carriers on iLife’s platform. These will be denoted with a lightning bolt icon within the browsing experience. 

iLife Agent and Client communicate insurance terms together

Improve Your Clients' User Experiences Today

Our Online Approvals feature facilitates the entire sales process without you ever having to lift a finger.